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Finding and Sharing Creativity

CreateBritain brings together and promotes every aspect of British Design and Creativity. No matter how niche or multi-disciplinary, whether you are just starting out or an established icon, we believe everyone has a contribution to make and we want to help you find it.

On This Day

Bernie Taupin

Lyricist / Songwriter / Singer / Poet

Born on this day, Bernie Taupin is a lyricist, poet and singer, he is best known for his 50 year writing partnership with Elton John, creating the lyrics for the majority of the Elton's songs. 

Creative Spotlight

Marcus Romer

Creative Professional

As a multi-disciplinary creative, I work with a diverse range of clients and teams, my CreateBritain profile joins my creative universe together - it gives me the perfect space to be found, makes networking and discovering creative talent really easy and allows me to promote what I’m up to.